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Posted by: In: Newsletter, Rockspring News 12 May 2015 0 comments

America loves what it sees in Texas. The Lone Star State’s economic boom, job growth and population surge amidst falling oil prices are a result of the state’s business-friendly environment and diverse industry base. Naturally, this success has grabbed the attention of major news networks across the U.S. As CEO of the only land investment firm focused specifically on Texas land, I have had the pleasure of personally contributing to the statewide and nationwide conversation.

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Back in 2012, with the dislocation in the lending markets still alive and well, Rockspring was approached with an interesting proposition by an operator looking to acquire the Harborwalk project, a bank-owned 550-acre master planned community in the Texas bay area. The operator needed cash to achieve the best pricing and close quickly on the highly-valued property. Although Rockspring typically made investments directly into real estate; would it be willing to provide a bridge loan to allow a quick acquisition of a bank-foreclosed property?

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What better way to celebrate a strong start to 2015 than by announcing the addition of four new experts to the Rockspring family. David Orr, Vonda Crisp, Nadia Navarro and Mike Singleton have been added recently to beef up our presence in the booming Austin and San Antonio markets and submarkets. Here are background details about our new additions.

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At Rockspring Capital, we strive to maintain a diverse portfolio of properties that provide more control over returns for our investment partners. Recently, we’ve added “Covered Land Plays” to smooth the cash flows of our portfolios.

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Posted by: In: Rockspring News 28 Apr 2015 0 comments

April 28, 2015 – Rockspring Capital, a privately-owned real estate investment firm based in Houston, announced today that it was paid in full on a $7.1 million bridge loan by the owner and operator of the Harborwalk project, a 550-acre master planned community in Galveston County, Texas.

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Industry Insights

Posted by: In: Industry Insights 28 Jan 2016 0 comments

“There are 15 states that are booming — none better than Texas,” said Al Niemi, Dean of the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business at his annual roundtable discussion on the Texas and U.S. economy. The major discussion this year was the oil crisis and how long it’s going to last. According to some of the economist in attendance, Texas is taking the right steps.

To view the Dallas Morning News story, click here.

Posted by: In: Industry Insights 22 Dec 2015 0 comments

The Dallas Federal Reserve reported that 150,500 jobs are estimated to be the total amount achieved in Texas once the year closes. Statewide unemployment is now at 4.6 percent, below the nationwide rate of 5 percent. The Dallas Fed attributes a sizable amount of this success to Texas’ industry diversity and resilience, despite the oil downturn.

To view the United Press International coverage of the report, click here.

Posted by: In: Industry Insights 17 Dec 2015 0 comments

BBVA Compass economists recently reported that the Texas economy will be back in full swing by 2017. Three factors were attributed to Texas’ ability to defend against the recession:

  1. Timing between the dollar strengthening and the mining sector slowdown;
  2. The evolution of the oil and gas industry structure; and
  3. Lower risks to the financial sector in a more cautious lending environment.

To view the BBVA Compass news release, click here.

Posted by: In: Industry Insights 09 Dec 2015 0 comments

The Florida Governor recently spoke to the State Legislature on diversifying its industry base and creating more business friendly regulations. Guess what state he would like to model these efforts after? A Texas native, Gov. Rick Scott is well aware of the Texas Model and would like to see it replicated in Florida.

To view the Tampa Bay Times story, click here.

Posted by: In: Industry Insights 07 Dec 2015 0 comments

The strong Texas economy has drawn a major amount of international interest over the past few years with Chinese homebuyers definitely taking the majority of residential real estate. Increased job growth and the tech boom in Texas is cited for a major reason for this increased activity.

To view the New York Times story, click here.