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GlobeSt.com editor Lisa Brown recently published an exclusive Q&A with Rockspring Capital Managing Director Jim Hynes on global investors now looking beyond traditional real estate (focusing more on residential and land) for opportunistic returns. “The residential and land sectors are well positioned for outsized returns as there’s limited supply and growing demand in most markets,” said Hynes.


To read the GlobeSt.com article featuring Jim Hynes, click here.

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We meet with numerous financial partners around North America. Often, we are asked about the folks back in our corporate office that our partners interact with daily. To help put faces to the names and learn more about them, we’d like to begin spotlighting the employees that help our firm run smoothly every day, starting with our company’s Financial Administrator, Darla Purchase.

Darla joined Rockspring Capital in 2007 to manage the accounting functions for all Land Funds, including the related partnerships and joint ventures associated with the U.S. and Canadian Land Funds. Prior to Rockspring, Darla served 25 years as a Financial/Business Administrator in the finance and agriculture industries. Darla studied business at Texas Wesleyan University. Read more…

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On a recent trip to China, I met with a number of wealth managers, investment funds and other finance professionals to confirm that the Chinese still had a strong desire to invest in U.S. real estate. The main takeaway of my trip was that not only did they still have a ferocious appetite, but that future investment was going to be driven by the booming middle class.

The economy of China is important for a number of reasons. It’s the second largest in the world, and when based on purchasing power parity, China’s GDP is actually the largest, followed by the U.S., India and Japan. Consequently, China’s economy has a huge effect on the rest of the world, touching everything from commodities demand to consumer consumption. Read more…

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In April, we partially exited a land parcel in Northwest San Antonio to CST Brands Inc, which plans to build a Corner Store on the tract.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Total 10.58 acres acquired in May 2015 for $1,300,000.
  • Partial exit of 4.71 acres was sold in April 2016 for $1,400,000.  Yes, less than 1/2 of the property sold for more than the total acquisition price in less than one year.
  • Approximately $840,000 of sale proceeds were set aside in an escrow to make infrastructure improvements on remaining 2 pad sites, which will further increase value/prepare sites for sale.

Read more…

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As a native Texan, I thought it was time to join the conversation on the “reported” energy crash and its impact on Houston and Texas, so I authored a follow-up article to my Forbes piece last year. With many headlines suggesting gloom and doom, the “Texas Model” continued to propel our state with positive job growth, best-in nation housing numbers and a deeper roster of blue-chip companies. Read more…

Industry Insights

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According to the Texas Annual Housing Report released by the Texas Association of Realtors, the Texas housing market has a strong chance to see a second straight record breaking year in home sales volume. First-time homebuyers continue to drive demand throughout the state’s major metros and international homebuyers have seen increased activity in recent years as well.

To view the Energy Voice coverage of the report, click here.

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More than 1,800 real estate experts agree that Austin will be the number one city in the nation for real estate investment in 2017. The annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2017 survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute says one of Austin’s major draws is its popularity among Millenials.

To read the REIT.com article, click here.

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Single-family home creation is due for explosive growth soon, according to Mark Dotzour, a former economist with the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University. Dotzour recently spoke at the 2017 Executive Economic Outlook Briefing where he explained how Texas has been utilizing a vast array of industries to bolster economic expansion.

To read the San Antonio Express-News article, click here.

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According to research conducted by the American City Business Journals, Austin’s population is predicted to increase by 98.7 percent over the next quarter of a century to roughly 4 million people. This ranks as the fastest growing city in the U.S. for this time frame with Houston, San Antonio and Dallas-Ft. Worth also in the top 10.

To read the Austin Business Journal article, click here.

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The Dallas Federal Reserve estimates that job creation in Texas will increase by 1.2 percent year-over-year before 2016 is over. This equates to roughly 138,000 jobs being added to the Texas economy. According to experts, the last four months of the year should see a strong finish for job growth in the Lone Star State.

To read the WOAI-News Radio article, click here.